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Wednesday & Thursday, 20th & 21st November - 2 Days To Go!  
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Off LJ News
BBC Doctor Who
Who is The Doctor?
Local (Doctor Who) Heroes
William Hartnell: The Original

BBC America
Best of 'Doctor Who' 50th Anniversary Poll: Top 5 Doctors
Peter Jackson's Favorite Doctor Who Episode
Sir Ian McKellen Loves Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor
An Adventure in Space and Time

Doctor Who News
BBC America Live Anniversary Pre-Show
The Last Day released on iTunes - Updated
Terry Nation honoured with blue plaque
Daily Mirror archive photos published
Send your Celebration Pictures to the BBC
Media Catchup: Wednesday
The Adventures of K9 - audio book
The Annual Years
Introduction to The Day of The Doctor
Refund for those charged for The Last Day
Tom Baker Wins Fans Poll as Favourite Doctor
William Hartnell: The Original
Mark Gatiss and David Bradley Interviewed
Fantom Publishing releases Who's There in hardback and audio
An Adventure in Space and Time: Behind the Scenes
Media Catchup: Thursday
The Five Doctors(ish)

TARDIS Newsroom
Not in the name of The Doctor – Epic Finale to Series 7
Whovian News and Extras for Wednesday, 20 November 2013
Joanna Page as Elizabeth I – The Day of the Doctor
Ingrid Oliver & Jemma Redgrave – The Day of the Doctor
Mark Gatiss talks An Adventure in Space and Time
The original 1963 titles
DWO – One Fine Time Lord – Children In Need Charity Audio Adventure
Steven Moffat on Doctor Who 50th 'Matt and David are pure magic'
Introducing The Day of the Doctor, and Doctor Who? – An Adventure in Space and Time, plus a few more random Videos
David Bradley & Mare Gatiss on Doctor Who's Origins – An Adventure in Space & Time on BBC America
Matt Smith, David Tennant & Steven Moffat: Return of Past Doctors in the 50th
The Last Day: A mini-episode – The Day of the Doctor prequel
Behind the scenes of An Adventure in Space and Time
Anime Doctor Who

Blogtor Who
BBC Points West archive footage
The Last Day mini episode [UPDATE]
An Unearthly Child - BBC Breakfast report
Joanna Page on The Day of the Doctor
The Day of the Doctor - Ingrid Oliver & Jemma Redgrave interviews
The Day of the Doctor clip
Doctor Who on The One Show
Peter Davison Red Button multi-Doctor story
Introducing The Day of the Doctor

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Reaction to An Adventure in Space and Time
sarah531 says it was really well done
elisi thinks it was utterly gorgeous in every way
parrot_knight thinks it was a tremendous achievement within eighty-five minutes
paratti thought it was perfect

Discussion and Miscellany
betawho shares how to watch The Day of the Doctor in 3D, even if you can't make it to the cinema or don't have a 3D TV
shinyjenni has embarked on a mini Doctor Who Squee Restoration project
the_terrible has a question about a spoiler from Huffington Post
hammard has 2 Days-To-50: Poll of Polls Countdown: Bubbling Under
dbskyler has a Multi-Doctor Recs Post
dannybaby1234 is looking for a specific Tenth Doctor/Master fic
ibishtar has a reaction post for An Adventure in Space and Time
strange_complex has some thoughts on The Night of the Doctor

Challenges/New Communities
public_call is looking for Beta Volunteers for Public Call 2013 Collection assignments
public_call is looking for pinch hitters for the Public Call 2013 Collection assignments
dwstills reminds everyone that Challenge 15 closes tonight (11/22)

Single Part/Completed
Plausible Deniability by locker_monster [Zoe, Jamie | PG]
Police and Public Call Boxes by a_phoenixdragon [Fifth Doctor | PG]
Say Something by pony_express [Ninth Doctor, Rose | G]
Maunderings by betawho [Fourth Doctor, Romana I | G]
Mismatched by blackrose42 [Tenth Doctor, Delgado!Master | PG-13]
Quantum Bi-Folds and Singularity Circuitry by a_phoenixdragon [Second Doctor/TARDIS | PG]
Even Our Spoilers Have Spoilers by darknessfactor [Eleventh Doctor/River, Clara | G]
Flipsided by betawho [Eighth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Rose, Jack | PG]
Redemption by katherine_b [chapter 50/50 | non-Doctor from the end of Name of the Doctor | PG]

Works In Progress
Redemption by katherine_b [chapter 49/50 | non-Doctor from the end of Name of the Doctor | PG]

They by prochytes [Martha, Gwen, Kate Stewart | PG-13 | crossover with Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures]

Icons & Graphics
rosy_nic has 9 new Who icons (spoilers for Day of the Doctor, multifandom)
scarlettm00n has 32 new Who icons

Fanart and Creative Endeavors
greenpear has an idea for a Dr. Seuss book written by Steven Moffat

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