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Monday, 24th November 2013

PLEASE NOTE: There is obviously a lot of reaction to The Day of the Doctor. Spoilers will be marked as best as we are able, but please do tread cautiously if you do not wish to be spoiled.

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Off-LJ News
Doctor Who News: Day of the Doctor - A Hit Down Under
BBC: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary draws a peak audience of 10.6 million for BBC One
Doctor Who News: Day of the Doctor Appreciation Index
Blogtor Who: Behind-the-Scenes videos from The Day of the Doctor
Blogtor Who: EXCLUSIVE: Artwork & notes from 11 Disc Collector's Soundtrack set
TARDIS Newsroom: Whovian News and Extras for Monday, 25 November 2013
Doctor Who News: Moffat on Doctor Numbering (Spoilers for The Day of the Doctor, and potential spoilers for the Christmas special, and beyond)
Blogtor Who: New Game - Doctor Who - Legacy
Doctor Who News: Canadian Ratings for The Day of the Doctor
Blogtor Who: Review of Destiny of the Doctor - Time Machine

(News via via [info]blogtorwho, [info]tardisscanner, [info]og_news, among others.)
(For additional news, please visit: [info]googledw)

Discussion, Miscellany and Reaction Posts with Spoilers for The Day of the Doctor
neadods recommends meta on the subject of the Doctor and Elizabeth I
ladymercury_10 thought that The Day of the Doctor was great
eve11 reacts to The Day of the Doctor
settiai recaps The Day of the Doctor
dieastra presents Action Figure Theater with the Doctors at the 50th Anniversary
shelwass has a recap of The Day of the Doctor on Geeknation.
darkestboy ruminates on The Day of the Doctor and the next 50 years
hammard with Day Of The Doctor Overnight Ratings: 5th Most Watched 21st Century Episode
sparkymark has a Day of the Doctor query
ibishtar with news on The Day of the Doctor Aftermath, Wizards vs Aliens
angelophile discusses some comments from Moffat on the future of the Doctor (Potentially spoiler for both Day of the Doctor and the Christmas special and beyond)
noria has speculation on the Doctor's regenerations (Spoilers for The Day of the Doctor)
Doctor Who News: Title and Trailer for the Christmas Special

General Discussion & Miscellany
darkamberdragon wonders about the cradle from The Doctor Goes To War
hammard points out a Dorkly comic about the 12 different types of Doctor Who fans
charliequinn points out that the Anniversary is inspiring people to check out Classic Who

Unforeseeable Ways by hawkmoth (No rating given | Ninth Doctor | Spoilers for The Day of the Doctor)
Mismatched by blackrose42 (PG-13 | Tenth Doctor/Delgado Master)
Up A Tree by betawho (PG | Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams)

Death In The Tealeaves by aralias (PG | Eight, Lucie)

Icons & Graphics
owlsie has 20 icons from The Day of the Doctor
r_aina Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor 1080p HD Logofree Screencaps

Communities & Challenges
doctorwho20in20 opens voting for Round 38: part 1 and part 2, and sign-ups for Round 39

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