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Saturday 21st March

Do you have a Doctor Who community or a journal that we are not currently linking to? Leave a note in the comments and we'll add you to the who_daily reading list.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Because of the high posting volume and the quantity of information linked in each newsletter, who_daily will no longer link fanfiction that does not have a header. For an example of what a "good" fanfic header is, see the user info. Please note, the fic must have a header with the fic, not just in the link post, in order to be added to the newsletter. Thank you.

Off LJ Links
The BBC's Classic Who website has had a redesign. [via timelordwannabe]

Discussion and Miscellany
angelfireeast has thoughts on the Rose Tyler: Earth Defense spinoff that never was.
gatafairy links to some rumours about the final special. [SPOILERS]
thehornedgod links to an article about how 2|entertain are continuing to develop animated reconstructions.
snowflakie06 links to more stills from Planet of the Dead. [SPOILERS]
daysy_chic links to even more stills from Planet of the Dead. [SPOILERS]
emoni wonders if there will by any shooting of Doctor Who in London.
who_secrets has Secret Submissions Post #023 and Secret Post #022.
best_enemies has a reaction post to the TV Movie: The Enemy Within.
x_losfic created a table of all possible Doctor/Master combinations.
charliesmum has a dream pick for Eleven's companion.

New Communities and Challenges
whochorus has the voting for Challenge 25.
doctor_who_lims has Round 5: Challenge 3 voting.
dw_stillness has Challenge 39. [SPOILERS]
plusone_rumble has a reminder and a poll about Challenge 10.

Completed Fics
Left Wanting by mauled_down [Doctor | R]
A Taste of Freedom by primsong [Victoria, Jamie, Kemel | G]
And Drive Another Night Away by allfireburns [Tenth Doctor/River Song | PG-13]
Ambushed by laurab1 [Jack/Rose | PG]
Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning) by fid_gin [alt!Tenth Doctor/Tenth Doctor/Rose | NC-17]
Beginnings by mithrel [TenII/Rose | PG-13]
A Paradox of a Different Sort by melnay13 [10.5/Rose, OCs | Teen]
No One Says "I Love You" by pygmymuse [Ten/Rose, PG]
A Spectacular Interest by whollyuncertain [Ten/Rose | T]
The Nape of Her Neck by wildwinterwitch [Doctor/Rose | G]
For His Whole Life by xfirefly9x [Doctor/Donna | G]
Lessons in Pop Culture by aerotica69 [Nine/Jack/Rose | All Ages]
Together by bananasandroses [Ten/Rose | PG]
A Matter of Time by _thirty2flavors [Chapter 2/2 | Ten2/Rose, Tylers, alt!Donna, flashback!Ten and Donna | PG]

5 Times Colonel Mace Didn't Ask Marian to Marry Him and One Time He Did by phantomreviewer [Chapter 3/6 | Mace/Price, Jack/Ianto | PG-13]
Why Me? by flash_of_ginger [Chapter 3/? | Doctor/Donna | M]
Smith and Tyler by surrexi [Chapter 6/10 | Ten/Rose | PG]
Just Another Shop Girl by amberfocus [Chapter 9/18 | Nine/Rose, Jack Harkness, OC | PG-13]
Breathing by lycanprincess17 [Chapter 1/4 | Nine/Rose | Adult]
As It Should Be by catsfiction [Chapter 1/3 | Ten, Rose, Jack | Teen]
The Next Doctor and Donna by katherine_b [Chapter 1/7 | Ten, Donna, Jackson, Rosita | G]
Love, Time, and Crossed Wires by pygmymuse [Chapter 14/15 | Ten/Rose | PG-13]

Out of Time by simons_flower [Twelve/Harry/Jack, Harry/Ron/Hermione, Nine/Rose/Jack | R | Crossover with Harry Potter]

Icons and Graphics
lone_wo1f with 27 icons from an Eddie Izzard comedy sketch about Daleks.
thebadwolf91 with 16 icons of Rose and from Planet of the Dead. [SPOILERS]
mischief89 with 5 Donna Noble icons in a multifandom post.
bookofsorrow with 4 icons of Nine and Rose in a multifandom post.
justlook3 with 20 icons from Planet of the Dead. [SPOILERS]
daysy_chic with four icons and seven banners from Planet of the Dead and the TVM. [SPOILERS]
ilikethequiet with 10 icons from Planet of the Dead in a multifandom post. [SPOILERS]
ultimatesilver with 56 icons from the new series.
sophielou21 with 54 icons in a multifandom post.
yuchun with 7 icons from Planet of the Dead in a multifandom post. [SPOILERS]
blairprovence with 89 icons from series two in a multifandom post.
beatlejessie with a Tenth Doctor wallpaper.
ice_and_snow with 21 new series icons in a multifandom post.

Fan Art & Creative Endeavours
alizarin_skies with "The Most Brilliant View in the World", art of Ten and Rose.
nuriwan with art of Lady President Romana.
snowgrouse with a doodle of Ten, Reinette, and the Master. [NC-17/NSFW]

Over and Over by orlisroses29 [Doctor/Jack]
Strange and Beautiful by mischief89 [Ten/Jack]

You can reach us in the comments or at whodaily@gmail.com.
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