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Saturday, 7th November

Do you have a Doctor Who community or a journal that we are not currently linking to? Leave a note in the comments and we'll add you to the who_daily reading list.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Because of the high posting volume and the quantity of information linked in each newsletter, who_daily will no longer link fanfiction that does not have a header. For an example of what a "good" fanfic header is, see the user info. Please note, the fic must have a header with the fic, not just in the link post, in order to be added to the newsletter. Thank you.

Off LJ Links
Doctor Who: The Stalker of Norfolk comic update.
Doctor Who Adventures 140.

Discussion and Miscellany
stars_fell shares an Eleventh Doctor Cosplay Picspam.

Challenges/New Communities
doctor_donna opens their Doctor & Donna Secret Santa 2009.
iconsofrassilon has Challenge #12 Winners and Banners.
x_losfic polls about Terror of the Autons vs. Logopolis.


The Benefits by electrictoes [TenII/Rose | PG]
Dirty Laundry by emraldeyedauter [Ten/Rose | M]
The Fairy Tale in Which Your Wave Function is Collapsed by thought_goddess [Nine/Rose | G]
What Must Not Be by spiritofeowyn [Ten/Rose, Donna | PG]
Juicy, Succulent, Flame-Grilled by pickledminx [Ten, Donna | PG]
Sunrise by sykira [Ten/Donna | G]
empty the places we used to go by momentmusical [Ten/Rose | PG]
Duality by darkestboy [Chapter 4/4 | Nine/Rose/Jack | PG-13]
Warm and Tender in the Inside by madly_love [Doctor/Donna | G]
Wish You Were Her by primeverse [Ten/Rose, Martha, Jack, Mickey, others | T]
Some Lose Their Way by eternitywaits [Ten/Donna | PG-13]
Pure Madness by dweomeroflight [Lucy/Master | M]
Irrevocably Complete by mrs_roy [Ten/Rose | G]
Damnation and Salvation by emraldeyedauter [Ten/Rose/TARDIS | PG]
Jump by jeprdyfrndly [Ten2/Rose | All Ages]
The Last Leaf by adribetty394 [Jack, Rose, Jackie, Mickey | PG]
You Know I'll Put Us Back Together by muir_wolf [Martha/Ten, Donna/Jack | PG-13]
Tethered by naughtybunny23 [Ten/Rose | Adult]

Works in Progress
Follow Me by emraldeyedauter [Chapter 2/? | Ten/Rose | M]
A New Man by catsfiction [Chapter 4/6 | Ten/Rose, Jack | G]
Consequences by lindenharp [Chapter 3/? | Ten, Jack | T]
A Christmas to Remember by jomel10 [Chapter 22/? | Ten/Jackson, Ten/others, Rosita, Martha, Mickey, Torchwood Team | NC-17]
Magical Mystery Tour: Wrong Aisle by primeverse [Chapter 1/? | Ten/Rose | T]

Kindred Souls by juliet316 [Rose/Kirk | PG | Crossover with Star Trek XI]

Icons & Graphics
marylou_gr with 27 icons in a multifandom post.
xafirah with 25 icons in a multifandom post.
sarah_jones with 42 icons, as well as some crossover icons, in a multifandom post.
sarah_jones with a few Doctor Who manips and banners, as well as a crossover banner, in a multifandom post.
julie_izumi with 14 icons in a multifandom post.
creadigol_lili with many DW and TW icons in a multifandom post. [Spoilers]
in_the_end with 36 Whoniverse/Who actor icons.
lessrest with 40 icons.
zutulu42 with 3 Classic Who icons in a multifandom post.
noquesthere with 32 icons.

Fanart & Creative Endeavours
Snow Doctors and Masters (also here) by snowgrouse [Doctor, Master | SFW]
Doctor/Master doodles by snowgrouse [Doctor/Master | NSFW]
Alien earrings and charms by darker_one [SFW]
nightbeast shares Ten and Jack cosplay costumes.
Nine/Rose, plus Ten/Rose guest starring Sailor Pluto and Chibiusa by alizarin_skies [SFW]

Greenfields by tambores [Five/Master]
How to Save a Life by emely_chan [Joan Redfern/John Smith, the Doctor]

You can reach us in the comments or at whodaily@gmail.com.
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