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Scarlett Girl

Help Wanted - final call and how we do what we do

Due to mitigating circumstances (hello not!swine flu!) we are extending the deadline for accepting newsletter editor applications until Monday, Nov. 16. We also wanted to take the opportunity to give a short primer on how we create the newsletter in case there are individuals who are interested in applying but are hesitant because they don't know the process.

As an editor, your job is to scan the newsletter watchlist - whodaily- for items that qualify for inclusion in the newsletter. The watchlist is a dummy LJ that has friends list comprised of individuals and communities who participate in fandom. Each link is then dropped into its appropriate category on the newsletter. There are several ways in which to actually construct the newsletter and each editor has their own preference. Some brave souls hand-code and create an lj post, others use a template and client approach, typically a saved Semagic file. In addition, there is an Excel spreadsheet created by a former editor with macros built in so you can merely copy and paste and let Excel generate the format.

What items you link are based on criteria set forth in the editor guidelines. We are an inclusive newsletter and link fic, discussion, art, icons, etc. Our criteria for linking are broad and only call in "editorial prerogative" in rare cases, typically when a fic header does not contain enough information to create a link or if an post is not substantive. For example - an episode reaction consisting simply of "I loved it!" would probably not get linked while an episode reaction with more substance would.

As an editor you will become a member of the editorial community satellite_five where we come together to discuss issues and concerns and, on occasion, effect policy. All editors, regardless of status, have full participation rights at the community.

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at If you would like to apply for an editor position, leave a comment at this post.

Thank you!
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