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Tuesday 10 November

who_daily, torchwood_three and soniclipstick are seeking new editors: read a detailed explanation here.

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Editor's note: Because of the high posting volume and the quantity of information linked in each newsletter, who_daily does not link fanfiction that does not have a header. For an example of a good fanfic header, see the user info

Current vaguely Who-related stuff on iPlayer: Smith & Jones, Shakespeare Code, Gridlock, Daleks in Manhattan and associated Confidential cutdowns | David Tennant on The Graham Norton Show (Comedy gold at 18:40ish as Doctor Who fan gets the right hump over not being recognised, then shrivels in embarrassed horror at his reaction)]
Life, Doctor Who & Combom posts a version of The Graham Norton Show for international viewers
Short video in which RTD talks about The Waters of Mars [UK only]
There's also a peek behind the scenes with producer Nikki Wilson [International version available here from Blogtor Who]

Fantastic article from Grauniad music site about ring modulators, which are what make daleks sound the way they do
The Radio Times features The Waters of Mars on the cover, and has a gallery online [SPOILER WARNING], plus here's their gallery of Radio Times covers from ye olden days when the internet was just a twinkle in Tim Berners-Lee's eye
Daily Telegraph junior reporter writes article by reading about WoM in the Radio Times
The Daily Star 'newspaper' on The Waters of Mars
Digital Spy has a pic from The End of Time. No spoilers, unless hair and a grumpy expression is a spoiler
French article from MondeActu about The Toilets off Mars. Seriously. Run it through Babelfish for literally seconds of childish amusement [Spoilers. In French.]
Unification France takes a look at the First Doctor. In French. Très bien.
The Dreamland animation blog closes on Thursday
Shooting schedule for The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith on eBay, proceeds to Children In Need
Celebrity News Now has David Tennant's sister talking about how he used to pretend to be a Time Lord
Doctor Who stuntman Alan Chuntz has died at the age of 81
Wales On Sunday is giving away limited edition posters
Staggering Stories Podcast #58: The Doctor on SJA
DWO WhoCast #142
Tim's Take On ... Who at the Fab Cafe, with Richard Franklin and Anneke Wills
Home Cinema Choice reviews Doctor Who: Dalek War
Podcast of Impossible Things commentary on The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith
Two-Minute Time Lord talks to Tara O'Shea about 'Chicks Dig Time Lords'
Doctor Who Methadone on Fear Her
The Chronic Hysteresis on The Face of Evil
The Tardis Project on The Daleks
Recreating Gadgets makes an adipose detector
Nicholas Courtney has revealed that he has recorded a commentary for the Pertwee story The Ambassadors of Death
Part 10 of The Stalker of Norfolk
A 1980s interview with writer Victor Pemberton
Canadian airdate for The Waters of Mars
Unreality SF reviews The Circus of Doom by Paul Magrs
[News via ohnowhodidnt | tardisscanner | Doctor Who News Page | tennant_love]

timelordwannabe rewatches The Runaway Bride and The Fires of Pompeii for clues on what we should expect for the final three episodes
Meanwhile, on doctoreleven, the call goes out for an iconmaker to do this set pic justice. Won't someone think of the children filthy minds fans of Matt Smith? [SPOILER]
david_macgowan reveals the cartoon stickers that came with this week's DWA
artic_fox on why she likes the pairing of the Doctor and Rose
frail_entity has a question about the sexiest appearances of Mr D Tennant as the Doctor
darkestboy with a new set pic [Mildest spoilers possible] and a link to strong, strong spoilers for the new series
lizbee thinks The Silurians is amazing but wonders whether it works as Doctor Who
rainbow_goddess addresses the vexed question of Sarah v Sarah Jane

doctoreleven has some new set pics [SPOILERS]
plusone_rumble has voting for challenge #5

Unpublished Memoirs by 10_point_5 [Ten/Simm!Master | Adult]
Not Expendable by ladychi [Nine, Rose, Jack | U]
Forget to Say by nschick [Ten/Donna | U]
Fresh Start by _thirty2flavors [Ten2/Rose, Donna, Martha, Mickey, Jack | G]
A Stolen Gift by radiantbaby [Ten/Martha | NC-17 | check warnings]
Everyday Fantastic: A Time Lord's Guide to the Slow Path (15/15) by roxyk630 [Ten II/Rose | PG-13]

Watching Her (4/?) by catvampcrazines [Ten/Donna | PG now, NC-17 later]
Someone Else (25/?) by yourebrilliant [Handy/Rose | PG]
Go Slowly (7/?) by saratoga58 [Doctor, Rose | 12]
Enemy Unseen (8/?) by paladin [Tenth Doctor, Torchwood cast | Teen]
Twin Solitudes (18/?) by doctorsdiva [Ten/Rose, Jack/OC | NC-17]
Cloisters (21/26) by wildwinterwitch [Ten/Rose | Teen]
Time Paradox (1/?) by primeverse [Ten/OC, Ianto/Jack | Teen]
A New Man (5/6) by catsfiction [Ten, Rose, Jack, Mickey | PG]

Prime Contact (2/4) by scarfman [Doctor, Barbara, Ian, Susan, Spock, Pike, No 1 | G | crossover with Star Trek]
Resist or Serve by fides [Various slash pairings | Teen | crossover with Torchwood, The X-Files, The State Within]
New Worlds (4/?) by sarah_jones [crossover with Torchwood, Buffy, Supernatural, True Blood | M]

hobbleit has wallpaper from Partners In Crime
janna_hawkins has 10 Doctor Who icons in a multifandom post
sapphicons has 11 Doctor Who icons in a wider actorly post
justice_b has 21 new series icons in a multifandom post
squaredmc has new series icons in a multifandom post
how_we_dance2 has icons and a .gif of the new series
nidoqueens has 39 icons (pics and quotes) from the new series
100px_x_100px has 45 new series icons
renestarko has nine icons, six related to WoM and three of the new series filming
mirnell has 33 new series icons in a multifandom post

Victims of Love, a Doctor/Master/Human!Master video

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