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Sunday 12th November

Off LJ links
Doctor Who to air on BBC America from 21st November
Collectermania in Machester are having talks with Colin Baker and Paul McGann

Discussion and Miscellany
moviegrrl shares a picture made by her 6-year old daughter
jeanne_dark ponders if we'll ever see a truly alien companion and has some Russell T Davies rage
david_mcgowan with screencaps from The Invasion
paperdoll_1 has some pictures of Jacqueline Hill
__kali__ with video of John Barrowman on Jonthan Rose plus screencaps
tonko has done transcripts of John Barrowman's interview on Jonthan Ross and his interview on Sunday am
morgeil has compiled the history of Doctor Who in youTube fanvids

Challenges/New Communities
dw100: Challenge 142: overwhelming
totally_tennant: dedicated to David Tennant

Evelyn fanfiction master list
Three Stories from the Time War by lizbee [Romana | PG13]
Belle de Jour by chase820 [Tenth doctor/Rose | R]
Spray of Colour by bluekiwibubble [unspecified | 12]
Fallen Guard by leox5000 [Tenth Doctor/Rose | PG | chapter 3/?]
The Toaster of Rassilon by leighleighla [Tenth Doctor, Rose | PG]
Doctor Who: The Soap Opera by paranoidangel42 [Sarah Jane, Harry | PG | chapter 3/?]
Mercy by sc_angel72 [Rose, Tenth Doctor, others | R | chapter 10/14?]
Occupational Hazard by mariannesquee [Sarah Jane, Toshiko Sato | NC17]Untitled by lablackey [Fifth Doctor/Turlough | NC17]
Happy Birthday, Captain by nightswhisper [Ninth Doctor/Jack | PG13]
Cold by dave7 [Ninth Doctor, Rose | G]
Plentitude by redwolf [Ninth Doctor, Rose, Jack | no rating given]
For What It's Worth by merlebelacqua [Jack, OC | r | chapter 3/?]
First Kiss, Last Kiss by sap1066 [Ninth Doctor/Rose | Adult]
All Coming Back by andromeda05 [Jack, Rose, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Torchwood | PG13 | chapter 1/?]
Not So Old by faythbrady [Tenth Doctor/Rose | PG]
Subroutine Stream by amilyn [Sarah Jane | no rating given]
The Colony Hospital by [Unknown LJ tag] [Second Doctor | no rating given | Chapter 6/?]
Ships Passing by a_farther_room [Benton, The Brig, Jack Harkness | PG13]

Icons & Graphics
i_am_a_cylon with Billie and David icons
paddlicons with 18 icons from various episodes (mainly The Idiot's Lantern
mrv3000 with various icons from series 1
addicted_to_dt with various icons
dawn_e_h with Ninth Doctor and Jack icons
viciousgurl with Ninth Doctor and Rose icons and wallpapers
a_red_spot with 35 Ninth Doctor era quote and picture icons
alocin42 with Fith Doctor, Tegan and Turlough icons
vands88 with 8 Torchwood and 'Drose' icons plus a banner

blaidd_drwg_22 with various Ninth Doctor Pieces
sushigall007 with Time Flies When You Fly Through Time
werewolflemming with Lost [Eighth Doctor/The Master]

blue_crystal03 with In The End [Jack Harkness]

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