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18 January 2014 @ 06:00 pm
Friday, 17 January and Saturday, 18 January 2014  
Do you have a Doctor Who community or a journal that we are not currently linking to? Leave a note in the comments and we'll add you to the who_daily reading list.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Because of the high posting volume and the quantity of information linked in each newsletter, who_daily will no longer link fanfiction that does not have a header. For an example of what a "good" fanfic header is, see the user info. Thank you.

Off-LJ News
TARDIS News: Whovian News and Extras for Friday, 17 January 2014
Doctor Who News: Arthur Darvill joins Who Down Under
Doctor Who News' obituary for Ken Trew
TARDIS News: clip from "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS"

(News via og_news, blogtorwho and tardisscanner among others. For additional news please visit googledw.)

Communities and Challenges
dw100: challenge #485, fire

Discussion and Miscellany
ibishtar with a Spanish fanfilm, The Imperfect World
nwhyte reviews season 6 of the Jago & Litefoot audio dramas
parrot_knight shares fan art drawn by Capaldi for a fanzine
kaffyr's [community profile] fandom_stocking stocking has some Doctor Who fics in it (it's multifandom)


Errant Hearts by flowsoffire [One | K]
Old soul written new by flowsoffire [Two | K]
Bates and Yenton by alec_towser [the Brig, Yates, Benton, Two | K]
An Unusual Sight by alec_towser [the Brig, Three | T]
A Quintessential Truth by kerkevik [Amy, Rory, Aunt Sharon, Rory's mother | PG]
Please, Help Me by starjargon [Amy, Melody | PG]
Cold Poison by trobadora [Ten/Jack | R]
Hourglass by angstytimelord [Ten/TenII | PG-13]
From the Ashes by angstytimelord [Ten/TenII | PG-13]

Remembering (16/?) by memsev [Ten/Donna | no rating]
In Another World (10/?), (11/?) by bas_math_girl [John Smith/Donna, OCs | R]
A Nightmarish Song (4/?) by daxcat79 [Eleven/River, Rory/Amy | PG-13]

Icons and Graphics
liadtbunny with eight "Silver Nemesis" icons
jdbmanic with 20 Martha Jones icons

If you were not linked, and would like to be, contact us in the comments with further information and your link.